Parenting Support

Parenting is the single most challenging job on the planet and there is a distinct lack of appreciation for this work in our society! Having support is crucial!!!

I believe in a collaborative approach to parenting because this is how we will teach our children to step outside the hierarchical and competitive paradigm that is so pervasive and soul killing in our culture.

  • How to set firm and compassionate boundaries without getting into power struggles and succumbing to a punitive approach (like most of our parents did) !?
  • How to ensure that our kids retain their vital life force while also learning to function effectively in the world?!

I certainly don’t have all the answers but I believe that as a collaborative team there is a higher likelihood of giving the children the best we have to give them. It takes a village, right?

My work at the Youth Services Agency has given me a lot of experience in helping parents have awesome relationships with their kids as well as providing guidance and referrals for resources and support.

I am an expert in the Positive Discipline parenting model, and as you may have already read, in Compassionate Communication (Non-violent Communication a la Marshall Rosenberg). I am also the proud parent of an adult child whom I raised as a single mother.