Find Your Life Partner

I am a firm believer in “Ask and you shall receive” but I’m sure you would agree that one real challenge is getting clear about exactly what it is you want!

I have developed a system for finding clarity and healing around the universal and beautiful need for companionship and connection that we ALL have. Human beings are pack animals! We require connection and touch in order to thrive.

Through the long and challenging process of finding my own life partner, through all the loneliness leading to self exploration leading to self empowerment, I have become quite good at facilitating this process for the benefit of others.With support it IS possible to avoid getting mired in all the cultural messages that leave us feeling confused about our needs and self worth, and demoralized by experiences of rejection.

You CAN keep moving forward towards having the love you want, and I can help!

If you are already in a relationship I can help you communicate more effectively with each other in order to build closeness, trust, honesty, and understanding. I have a unique gift for helping couples feel into their underlying needs, needs that have the potential to be addressed using strategies that enhance the relationship rather than detract from it. For instance, if a person is desiring more closeness, they would be more likely to get what they want by making a direct request than by withdrawing or lashing out.

I can teach you specific skills/ tools to fall back on in moments of tension or misunderstanding.