Worshop and Support Group for Parents of Teens

Parents of Teens!!

Ah, the teenage years. What an incredible time of growth and change. How exciting it is as identities are tried on, discarded, adopted…!

And WOW, can it ever be a challenge as they reach the pinnacle of mastery over how to push your buttons and test your boundaries!!

Are you and your teen navigating an emotional roller coaster together? (Blame it on those raging hormones..!!)

Do you have a vision for you child’s success and well being that they don’t necessarily share?

Do you long for the old days when your sweet child actually enjoyed spending time with you?


  • Learn cutting edge communication techniques that can easily neutralize conflicts.
  • Learn how you can apply the latest breakthroughs in brain science to address emotional issues.
  • Have fun practicing how to handle your own emotional triggers.
  • Get support and network with other parents to ease you through this challenging phase.

This *FREE* introductory session will definitely offer a valuable learning experience all by itself. There will be loads of content that will help you increase compassion and understanding, shift interactional patterns, and strengthen your relationship.

AND, you will have the opportunity to BRIEFLY hear about the more in depth curriculum I have created; an 8 week support group and workshop series entitled:
“Loving Your Teen and Yourself: Staying Connected as You Ride the Waves of Change.”
For interested parents, this series will allow you to go more in depth and be part of a supportive community.

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Blessings on you journey, and I can’t wait to meet some of you!

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